don't easily shame

by cassorla

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released June 1, 2017

executive producer: tim regan-porter
producer: cassorla
mixer: brian bender
masterer: reuben cohen at cursen mastering
engineer: paul hornsby, john kimbrough, airin older, ali nikou
drums: john brainard, matt bogdanow
bass: sean william, keith karman
sax: christopher harvey
trumpet: vinson muhammad, elliot deutsch, matt rubin
trombone: vikram devastali
violin: maiani da silva, rhea fowler
viola: laura jesson
back vox: quay sampson, lauren sullivan
everything else: cassorla



all rights reserved


cassorla Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: what kind of man am i
with the choice between a woman
and a life of choice in Brooklyn
i can't guarantee that I would
think about it long and hard and treat her like she needs to be treated
i might see the options and see room for my breathing

laying low in France I could be
married with a kid beside me
but instead I'm treadmill running
racing to the bottom of a ship that sinking underneath my feet
waking with a headache that will certainly kill me

i've been known to think off key
always independently
now alone I'm questioning my life
overthinking through the night

what kind of man am I
with nobody to my name
i'm the best
i'm the best

in the dark my girl is sleeping
on a patterned couch I'm breathing
fantasizing bout the numerous ways that I could put my sneakers on and maybe get to some sneaking
take a leap of faith and maybe get to some peaking

i've been known to think off key
always independently
now alone I'm questioning my life
overthinking through the night

it's always worth it to be American
there's no time to consider where I stand
cause I'm not sure the kind of man I am
Track Name: forever forever
i'll be sleeping right here
in the mirror
dreaming about you

are you coming going
can you love me knowing
oh yeah I've never been true

always in my words but never in my ways with you.

stop me if I've said before
i'm better now
forever forever

stay with me awhile now
i've got short tales
tend to end with jail

but if you sift through hazy memories
of my years you'll agree

always came out scarred but with a new reality

cause we could be
american fantasy
you could be my
american fantasy
cause I'm better now
some day I'll be strong enough to read

bout that new me new life
all that old strife
one thing matters most

that you'll ride along
don't know how long
i'm used to being wrong

stop me if I said before
while I'm laid out on the floor

forever forever
Track Name: supreme
it's about the way
that you named your kids
that you grew your hair
that you called for dibs
and I love it

it's the pride you wear
it's so tangible
overflows my hands
can you feel the pull
yeah I love it

has your landing been stripped
was your mama too strict

tell me everything
all your hopes your dreams
where you'd like to be
is it what it seems
all your daily schemes
we can be supreme

after ones and twos
after socks and shoes
after what's downstream
there's something supreme

yeah it's in the air
and it's on my face
and it's on the ground
and it's filled this place
and I love it

don't get in the way
let the Sayers say
all the thoughts they think
all the ink they ink
and I love it

but stick a mic somewhere near
and it all becomes clear
Track Name: i'm on fire for you tonight (feat. quay sampson)
credible because it's true
history can make you conclude
where there's smoke you might find fuel
burning slowly burning cool

i'm on fire for you tonight

stars die out for centuries
planets close their planetaries
don't be shocked by what you've seen
the letters scrolling on your screen

so tell me what you want and
i'll provide the cover (color)
i'll provide the tools and the heart

defending ourselves from urges plain
you bring hope I'll bring cocaine

cause I'm on fire for you tonight
Track Name: just give me a reason
beer then liquor works much quicker than the other way
powders pills the dirty thrills don't mix well when onstage
in those moments before the show
when you just wanna blow off your ear like Van Gogh

just give me a reason
a simple logical reason
a something personal reason
to go on

my close friends that come to spend their money here tonight
know to clear the back while we're advancing (proceeding) to stage right
when the spotlight goes up I always tell myself yup, I can be ready to wreck this club

there's a certain grace in curtains slowly do they tell
did you win or did you fail to wrap them in your spell
and is that question enough to get me off of my butt and show the audience my best stuff

faces betray traces of anxiety about
whether folks can weather nasty hurricanes I spout
so I finish my drink and close my eyes I can link my words much better now here's what I want

when it's done I'll be the one
with sweat stains on my back
at the hotel all my skin cells now can hit the sack

everybody wants just a little piece but my trust is in the question that we should discuss
Track Name: walk it out
life has a funny way of smacking your face
backhanded middle one extended with grace
just feel it's warm embrace

you'd be forgiven if you only saw red
after the blows are raining down on your head
but luckily there's a way

walk it out and you might find
in these words a little piece of your mind

talk to girls until you die
and maybe one of them might change your life

you'll be eighty waiting in your home patiently
for the someone who can find your banyan tree
one hint it's up your sleeve

just hold on tight you'll make it through the debris
saying I know there's someone special out there for me
she might walk through the door
hoping to restore

walk it out and she might find
in these words a little piece of her mind
walk it out and she might find
in these words a little piece of her mind

be strong stay strong loves the one you're looking for

finish he away you came on the scene
saying i know the right one is out there for me
you're looking to adore
shake whats in your core
Track Name: you come first
she read the other day
in some window display
"you think the answer lays
in the deeds that you've done
but I'm an expert in people that just need a little bit of healing"

sign said his name was mi-ke
he didn't hypnotize
he simply tones your thighs then
the magic begins
now you're looking at the world with a body that is ready for some healing.

you come first
then at worst
you can do you

and at best
all the rest
can alone push through

now she's got power eyes
ready to improvise
she'll take it all deep fried
but her heads far from done

even with the shape she's in she still could use a little bit of healing


be in between
be what you seem
be everything you ever wanted

be someone who
always looks to
fill someone else up before it's over

be what you seem
be in between
be everything you ever wanted

be someone who
is ready to
finally say what you mean.

they come first
then at worst
you can do you

and at best
all the rest
will be blessed
Track Name: waiting for me to fall
we've been here for thousands of years
just waiting for someone
to scatter judgements that might not be clear
who's the good who's the bad son
i'm here ready to meet
whatever trials I'll greet but
i won't apologize for life for love for being who I am, I know
there's people out there from Canada to Japan
waiting for me to fall

i'm the socks and the sandals I wear
i don't care bout the season
and the cut that i get for my hair
i don't hear my friends teasing
all alone am I right
all I know is tonight

.....waiting for me to fall alone and fall so deep unknowable unknowable
holed up crazy hours I keep I know I can't I want I live I love

there's sometimes when the moons gotta fight
control its a fiction
cause the dawns ruining all of its light
so it cries crucifixion
bullseye painting my back
ego's my kind of trap and
Track Name: it's happening
call me names x4
go ahead call me names
i've heard 'em all
they're all the same
but I don't easily shame

so what if I'm short
it's not the inches
that make the worth
it's the lifelong support
it's the facts you distort

thats my story, I know, it's hard to believe it
make it up as I go, one truth at a time

it's happening
it's happening
i was nothing
and now I'm king.

that's my love x4
go ahead that's my love
it's pretty spare
now I don't care
be the guilt be the judge

go ahead with your words
they bring you down
they bring me up
now my height is absurd
and my love is preferred
to any other love
to any other loving

any other love
any other day
any other you

I know it's my face
It came with my birth

The rite of spring
It's everything
And I am king
The hard fought

Tell me
Track Name: lover
i'm in love but not the way I want to be
not with someone thinking years ahead of me.
i'm addicted, I'm not right, I'm loving just who gets me through the night.

so if you've got a thousand years to sacrifice
give a call I'm ready you can name your price
i can change be gentle please, don't push too hard just show me own me tease

i need a lover
who'll discover
how to push me just right

so give me loving
or give me nothing at all
i'm forever tonight

he said she said you said
it's all the same
there's the facts and then there's the one to blame


take away the time you'll find me desperate
fifty hills to climb a thousand bucks in debt
so be gentle I won't bite
i'm loving just what gets me through the night